Jordan's Haunted House & Halloween Adventure

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  The 2016 Haunted Halloween Fair at Jordan's Haunted Adventure Is "CANCELED"

Sorry for any inconvience

  Hurry, Hurry, Hurry, The 2016 Haunted Halloween Fair at Jordan's Haunted Adventure will begin near sunset on October 23, 2016 at 6 p.m. When the spirits of Halloween rise up once again we will begin our annual 9 day  spirited family  fun celebration  for the 34th time.

Don't Miss a Tour of our Mini Theme Park display
OPEN October 23-31, 2016 nightly from 6- 9 p.m.






Welcome to "Jordan Manor" Haunted House & Halloween Adventure Website

We are very excited to share with you our more than 34 years of creating a family fun "Halloween Haunt Attraction".  Check out our photo gallery, 2014 video, our story and projects for 2016. Feel free to email us with questions or just comments of what you think.
We are Kids and Family Friendly!
We would like everyone to know that our haunted house is for all ages, young and old alike.  We are NOT into the blood, guts and gore horror show; instead we focus on family fun Halloween entertainment for all ages.  While some little ones do have a little hesitation at first because of the traditional Halloween hype, we find that after their first tour, they will want to go again and again.  We can also assure the adults that think the show will be too "kiddie-ish", that they will also come out surprised and pleased.

Guided Tours for fearful small children and families will be conducted each night  Oct 23 - 30th, 2016 from 6 to 7 pm and will be conducted by our own "Butler-of-the-manor" junior tour guide - Mathew (10 years old).  He will conduct individual and personal tours of the entire display giving an informative narration and highlights with points of interest as well as answering questions about the display.  Tours will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.
2012 Lifetime Achievement Award:  

We are thrilled and ecstatic to announce that Jordan's Haunted House and Halloween Adventure ( Tim Jordan & Family) has been presented the "2012 Lifetime Achievement Award" by the Sea Island Community Assoc. " In recognition and gratitude for 31 years of Spooktacular Halloween Spirit"
Antonia's Story of  Amazement and my Validation:
Antonia, a public health nurse here in Richmond, is a friend I made about 5 years ago at a " Minoru Medical Education Society" meeting that I cater ( Jordan's Caterers - my real job) about 2-3 times a month. She, like many other friends of mine,  for all those years, was always politely interested in the many short conversations we had about my Haunted House. Of course I would always invite her to come and check it out.  I was not at the October MMES meeting because I was home running the display. Word got around the meeting that was why I was not there. When the meeting broke up Antonia finally decided to "DRIVE" by and check it out. I saw her drive up as I am always standing right at the front. She STOPPED ! then parked. The door swung open. I saw her jaw drop and a look of total amazement come over her face as she got out and walked toward me.  As it was late I had time and offered to take her on a personal tour. Turn after turn she could hardly believe what she was seeing, saying things like "Wow" , " There's still more?" ,"I had no idea" and " Tim , this is awesome!" . In the end she said to me "if I had to give you a score between one and ten I would give you a THOUSAND!". She came back three more nights with her friends in tow giving them the tour and amazing them at the same time.
I'm  always talking about my hobby with everybody, telling about what I'm working on for the next display or explaining how I'm putting together a project. I also always extend an invitation to come to the Haunted House. I've said many times that I can tell you all about it and try to explain what it's like, but you will only understand when you come and see it. Antonia's story is truly the VALIDATION of this.
To all who have not yet made it to my Haunted House your invitation stands. Please believe me when I say I feel truly honored and excited each time an "Antonia" comes to visit.
Stanley Park Ghost Train / Bear Creek Park Ghost Train
 If your family and friends enjoy the Stanley Park ghost train or Bear Creek Park ghost train we invite you to also enjoy " Jordan Manor" Haunted House and Halloween Adventure in Richmond. Many of our visitors come to our Halloween Mini Theme Park Attraction either before or after the train. Our line-up is not usually as long as the train (except Halloween night) and the admission is FREE! Kids and Adults alike are welcome to take their time touring the display and go through as many times as they like.
We do NOT do the haunted house display for fund-raising/ food bank or commercial purposes.  It is our hobby.  We do it for personal recreational enjoyment -sharing it with you being one of the benefits.  WE ARE GRATEFUL FOR YOUR DONATIONS - They go a long way to making a bigger and better production than we could otherwise afford.

Witchy's  Living Room as it is today.



New for 2016
The Old Cemetery Chapel -A Ghostly Wedding in progress
The Haunted Pumpkin Rot Hillbilly Crooked House Hoe Down
Cosmic Galaxy Space Center
 Glow Gallery Carnival- Now in 4D